Stop doing sit-ups!

Let’s take a moment to talk about different reasons for wanting to include sit-ups in our training, and some cool alternatives! Reason 1: “I want to lose my belly fat” Unfortunately, it’s impossible to spot reduce fat in any one specific area...

Likkity split: Understanding pace on the rower

If you took off on a 5 km run, you wouldn’t sprint the first 400 meters, gas yourself and end up walking. You would probably strive to run at a reasonably consistent pace for 20- some-odd minutes. But when it comes to rowing, I constantly see people doing the...

Training plateau?

Feeling a plateau? Maybe you need some personalized direction in your training Client A: Who has been here for three months on a 1RM deadlift day: she steps up to the bar, looks a bit perturbed by the ‘heavy’ weight, shrugs and then proceeds to bend down and pick the...

Why do I need a professional coach?

This time it’s going to be different… … This time, I’m going to workout every day, I’m going to stick to the program. This time it’s going to be different, I know it is. Sound familiar? How many times have you said that to yourself? Stop thinking you can...

Do Crossover bands really work?

Shoulder injury? Try regular Crossover Symmetry training There is not a single person that we’ve introduced to crossover symmetry that hasn’t benefited from it, especially those with ongoing nagging shoulder issues and pain. What’s Crossover Symmetry? Crossover...

Fallen arches

Do your Arches fall like the London bridge when you squat? If so—or you’re not sure—read on…. Inexperienced coaches might blame the major muscles/ primary joints as the culprit for faulty movement patterns. But the problem may be lurking deeper below the...

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