Our programming is better…

How do I know that our programming is better? Because we don’t write it anymore. If you’ve coached CrossFit or been involved in it for some time, then I’m sure you can understand how negatively that statement can be perceived.  I wrote our gyms group...

How to find the best CrossFit near me

You typed “best Crossfit gym near me” into your search bar, and if your city is anything like Austin, there are probably 5 gyms (“boxes”) in a 5-mile radius of you. So how do you know which ones are good and which aren’t? Since every...

Does CrossFit cause injuries?

The short answer unfortunately is yes. But so does every form of physical activity! What’s important to remember is that while your risk for injury increases slightly, your risk for death from chronic disease drops dramatically. That’s why exercise is so...

3 Myths About Crossfit

These are three things as coaches we hear all the time. So we wanted to give you our take on these common misconceptions!”I’m going to get injured”Let’s start by acknowledging that there is risk in everything we do. When you walked out of your...

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