At CrossFit REP we strive to provide the best possible services for our clients, from training methods to nutrition. We’re thrilled to bring you our nutrition program with a Precision Nutrition certified coach!

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As part of the program, you will be given a customized dashboard online that eliminates the need for endless spreadsheets and complicated journals by giving you individualized goals that you can easily track day to day. Every two weeks you will meet with Jason for an hour to go over your current goals and progress within the program to ensure your habits properly align with what you are looking to accomplish! You will have periodic weigh-ins with the InBody scanner at Crossfit REP. This will give you exact measurements to show you that your hard work is paying off!


Precision Nutrition’s methods have been tested and refined with 50,000 men and women who have lost over 1,000,000 pounds of body fat. It’s an approach unlike any other in the weight loss industry, focusing on your needs, goals, lifestyle and working with you to create a nutrition approach based uniquely for you!