Does CrossFit cause injuries?

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The short answer unfortunately is yes. But so does every form of physical activity!

What’s important to remember is that while your risk for injury increases slightly, your risk for death from chronic disease drops dramatically. That’s why exercise is so important, and you should seek out a professional coach who can help you keep that risk of injury as low as possible.

This video and post will highlight some things to look out for as you’re searching for a new fitness program!

1. The first clue that you’re working with a professional coach will be that they take the time to assess your movement during one on one sessions before you start working with a group. This is a CRUCIAL step that no good coach will skip. I guarantee you right now, that you’ll find no truly professional, reputable coach who will claim to be able to assess clients during group sessions. It’s going to cost a bit more to get started but you really want to make sure you start things out on the “good foot” so to speak, and work with someone one on one first.

2. What do those assessment sessions actually look like? Are you just being taken through movements quickly and getting the “cliffnotes”? Or is your coach actually looking at your body to determine why you might not be able to or even need to do specific movements, and giving you alternatives based on YOUR body type?

3. Is there any type of accountability, IE testing or follow up done after the assessment, or are you just thrown into the group classes and forgotten about?

4. Take a look at the some of the group classes! Are the coaches actively prioritizing form and technique BEFORE telling people to go as intense and as fast as possible? If someone was moving badly during the workout, did the coach give them a safer movement? Is the coach explaining why it’s even important to do a particular movement, and what muscles are worked?

If you can answer yes to those 4 questions then congrats, you’ve found yourself an excellent gym and you’re on your way to a healthier, happier you for life!

We’ll see you in health!

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