Anatomy of a back injury

I’m writing this post for several reasons.  Understand that no injury happens in a vacuum. I didn’t hurt my back because of CrossFit. Push yourself hard, but know your limits. Do what’s right for you, not what you think you have to do because someone...

Puppy power!

Looking to live longer? Adopt a dog! Though it might go without saying that dogs force people to stay fitter than the general population by tricking them into going on daily walks, a new study from Sweden published in Journal Scientific Report suggests dogs’ health...

How much should I stretch?

I’ve heard tons of different arguments for and against stretching. When I was a wee lad learning to breakdance, I spent tons of time stretching, because it makes you more flexible. Duh right?!?! Recently I’ve heard some advice to the contrary though....

Meal plan or nah?

Why Meal Plan Dieting isn’t the Answer! We work with a lot of people on nutrition, and I always get the question, “Can you just tell me exactly what to eat?”. That’s exactly the problem; you think that it’s going to be easier to have someone else do the thinking...

Electrolytes vs. Sugar, don’t get duped!

Electrolytes 101: Electrolytes like sodium and potassium, are important for regulating muscle and nerve function, as well as for hydration, blood pressure and keeping your body’s pH levels in check. If you become deficient in electrolytes, be like sodium, potassium,...

5 Habits Hurting Your Nutrition

5 Habits that are Hurting your Diet Decisions Food can be stressful, especially if you’re trying to make body composition changes. Sometimes, there are things we’re doing that we don’t even realize we’re doing that cause us to eat more, and less healthy, than we...

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