Diets or habits?

Today let’s chat about ONE of the many reasons why restriction diets backfire. There was a famous study done in the WWII days. At the time, starvation was a reality for many people around the world: The Minnesota Starvation Experiment (conducted at the...

Likkity split: Understanding pace on the rower

If you took off on a 5 km run, you wouldn’t sprint the first 400 meters, gas yourself and end up walking. You would probably strive to run at a reasonably consistent pace for 20- some-odd minutes. But when it comes to rowing, I constantly see people doing the...

How to save money on groceries and eat like a boss!

7 tips to help you save a fridge full of cold, hard cash! One of the biggest excuses we hear when people say they don’t eat healthy is because it’s expensive. Money is always touchy, but it’s hard not to argue that if there’s something you should be willing to spend...

New Year’s resolutions are bullshit

I used to be a fan of New Year’s resolutions. I would caution people to not try to take on too many, but none the less I was a fan. Now, not so much. I’m about to fall into the age old trap of assuming that just because something worked for me, it will...

Protein for weight loss?

The protein and weight loss connection When people think about protein supplementation, they usually think about all things muscle related. Clients often approach me to ask various questions about protein supplements, be it via shakes, or otherwise. The most common...

Not getting results? Better sleep on it…

I’m sure you’re tired of us, and others in your life, preaching the importance of getting enough sleep… But that Netflix series you’re watching is way more interesting and addicting than sleeping, maybe this will do it for you: Those who go to bed and wake...

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